Tackling Your Fall To-Do List

October 16, 2023

October brings crisp temps, hot pumpkin-spiced drinks, and anticipation of upcoming holiday celebrations. Before the last of the pretty leaves fall, it’s a great time to accomplish a few tasks to prepare for winter in and around your home.


Be sure to have heating sources prepared (wood stacked conveniently or fuel refilled)

Turn off outdoor faucets

Be sure hoses are drained and tucked away neatly

Prepare your mowers, blowers, and weed whips for freezing weather

Rake or mulch the leaves in your yard

Clean your windows so you can enjoy the winter scenes

Clear out gutters

Cover the air conditioner

Deep-clean dryer vents

Inspect any electrical cords you may have to ensure they’re safe for use & not frayed

Install storm windows & doors

Clean your vehicle & put a winter emergency kit in the trunk


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Clean the fridge and freezer

Change the furnace filter

Change your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries

Be sure your fire extinguishers are easy to access and not expired

Clean your ducts/vents

Find & clean your winter gear (hats, gloves, boots, etc.)

Locate your holiday decorations so they’re ready

While preparing your home inside and out is great, consider a shopping trip while the weather is nice, too. Some items may be bulky and inconvenient to lug around in shopping carts once the snow and slush arrive:

Salt for your water softener



Cleaning supplies

Canned goods/bottled water

Paper products

Consider making a plan for those boring winter days. Here are a few helpful ideas to stay sharp and engaged this winter:

Join a local gym to stay strong

Consider volunteer or part-time work

Tackle your sewing projects

Enroll in community education classes

Clean out the junk drawer

Organize the closets, under sinks, and beds

Bake some goodies & freeze them for guests

Would you rather be tailgating, hitting up the orchards and pumpkin patches, or enjoying crisp walks instead of doing all the prep above? Consider downsizing into independent living!

Home maintenance, big-ticket items like siding, roofs, heating and cooling systems, snow removal, and the rest of the seasonal chores are all taken care of. Spend your days enjoying your retirement years in maintenance-free living. Free up your time for family, friends, travel, you-time, or volunteering with causes that reach your soul. Remember, when you choose Edgewood’s 55+ and independent living, the chores are on us, and there are no sneaky HOA (Home Owner’s Association) fees!

If you want to explore independent living, assisted living, or memory care at Edgewood Healthcare, please email us at info@edgewoodhealthcare.com. Happy fall, y’all!

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