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June 25, 2024


Finding the perfect senior living residence can be complex. If you live in a highly populated area, there may be many choices available to fit your needs. Some people like shiny new buildings, while others prefer a quaint apartment with modest amenities where they can access healthcare quickly. Everyone has a different wish list, but features and aesthetics aside, what about the care that comes with senior living?

We’ve written resources on what different services are available but haven’t touched on the importance of where that care comes from. Who will prepare your meals, clean your floors, help you dress, or maintain the heat and air conditioning systems? Who’s responsible for paying the bills and making sure the lights stay on to enjoy all of the amenities? Who will drive you, lead group activities, and order enough groceries and paper products? Every staff member who brings you comfort and helps you make your house a home matters.


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Be sure that when you choose senior living, you don’t just drive by the building to make your decision. Take some tours. During your visit, ask how long the company has been in business. While you’re at it, ask the staff on your tour how long they’ve worked for the company and what they enjoy about it.

“I love my job at Edgewood as I feel the residents are my family!” -Lori K., 10 years

Working with Purpose

In senior living, we need people who understand; more importantly, we need them to share what they know! Textbooks, courses, and education are helpful, but on-the-job training is even more important. Our best trainers are those who have rolled up their sleeves and worked for a few years.

When someone has been in senior living a very long time, it’s generally because they want to be. At Edgewood, our staff talks about their “why” fairly often. There’s usually some history of volunteer work or spending time with their elders when they were young, long before they began their careers.

“This work is very rewarding! My favorite part about it is being able to help seniors during a new chapter of their lives. Each day when I go home, I know I have done my good deeds for the day.” -Morgan B., 7 years

Celebrating Retention:

When staff members choose to stay at Edgewood, we celebrate their success! You can find anniversary celebration posts across all our Facebook pages. In these posts, staff usually talk about why they enjoy working with us—which almost always has to do with the residents!

“My favorite part of working at Edgewood is, by far, the residents! I love giving tours and getting to know their families. I am grateful for my wonderful co-workers. Edgewood is where I will retire.” -Nicole C., 4 years

Here’s a list of some of our staff who will be celebrating big anniversaries this year:


29 years: Lori Schiltz, LPN Manager at Grand Forks

26 years: Carma McLaughlin, Executive Director at Minot

25 years: Angela Pesek, CNA/CMA Lead at Grand Forks

23 years: Debra Roller, Housekeeper at Walker

22 years: Stacy Scar, Dining Assistant at Minot

21 years: Martha Gust, Housekeeping Supervisor at Grand Forks

20 years: Fran Valdez, Housekeeper at Spearfish

19 years: Michaela Coufal, Executive Director at Fremont

18 years: David Lindula, Maintenance Director at Virginia

17 years: Rita Tomchuk, Receptionist at Dickinson

15 years: Anne Schriner, Regional Dining Director at  Laramie

14 years: Chad Teske, Maintenance Tech at Bismarck Village

13 years: Guadalupe Gallegos, PCA/CMA at Plantation Place in Boise

12 years: Nancy Christensen, Reimbursement Specialist at Hermantown

11 years: Dennis Eliason, Transporter at Rapid City

10 years: Kathy Williams, CNA/CMA at Kalispell

9 years: Jason Traxinger, Dining Supervisor at Minot

8 years: Dilu Bhattarai, CNA/ CMA Lead at Grand Forks

7 years: Maria Jasman, Cook at Jamestown

6 years: Kerri Noeldner, Life Enrichment Director at Watertown

5 years: Destinee Hicks, RN at Meadow Wind in Casper

4 years: Angel Granados, Life Enrichment Assistant at Spring Creek in Meridian

3 years: Logan Peasley, Maintenance Director at Park Place in Casper

2 years: Modesta Crooks, PCA/CMA at Sisseton

1 year: Halley Gribble, HUC, at Helena

“I’ve really enjoyed working here. It’s the employees and the residents that make it a great place!” -Janel R., 18 years

Our staff are some of the best folks who care for the most important people on Earth: our residents! They’ve stood the test of time and continue to show up each day to make Edgewood a fantastic place to live. If you’d like to explore our open positions, click here. If you’re searching for senior living solutions and want to see the Edgewood difference, contact us at

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