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How do you use your “Energy Bucket”?

At Edgewood, we want to know, “What is your why?” Simple or complicated, your “why” is where you want to focus your energy; we call that your “energy bucket.” For instance, when you wake up in the morning, you have a set amount of energy (your energy bucket is full), and as the day goes on, you utilize that energy, depleting your bucket until you must refill (or rest).

So, it is important for us to know how you choose to empty your bucket each day. Can you use your energy in a way that is most fulfilling to you? Does your bucket have a hole in it that Edgewood can help fix? If you find you’re emptying your “energy bucket” on things that are not fulfilling to you, like house or yard work, running errands, or cooking meals, let us help!

We can save you time and energy so you can empty your bucket the way you want, such as through hobbies, spending time with family and friends, or just reading and relaxing.

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The Caregiver

At Edgewood, we understand that being a caregiver is fulfilling but can also be challenging. Chances are you didn’t plan or prepare for this job, and your loved one may need more care than you can provide.

We are here to help! Our team of professionals, from administration to dining, maintenance to memory care, all have the same goal: to support you and your loved one while keeping them safe, comfortable, and living their best life.

Living Your Best Life Takes a Team

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