Introducing CaringEdge at Edgewood

February 13, 2019

Allow us to introduce you to our newest service, CaringEdge. CaringEdge includes expert home health care, outpatient therapy, and hospice care, all in your home.

CaringEdge at Edgewood is provided by our in-house professionals or hand-picked local medical providers. We carefully select partners who are equally and passionately committed to making a difference in our clients’ and patients’ lives by providing the highest-quality services to promote health, comfort, and independence—all in the convenience of your residence.

Edgewood Healthcare has designed retirement communities to provide seniors with an environment for leading independent, active, and healthy lives as they age. Multiple trips to the doctor or hospital can quickly become a burden in seniors’ lives—that’s where CaringEdge steps in to offer a helping hand.

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Sound like a good fit for you or your loved one’s needs? See below for more information on the outstanding services available with CaringEdge.

Are you recovering from surgery, battling an extended illness, or simply in need of some specialized care to manage your health needs? You could be the perfect candidate for home health care! Our dedicated clinicians will assess your needs, goals, and environment to plan the best way to reach your health goals.

“It is evident that the care of every resident is a priority for your wonderful staff. Your kindness and generosity toward each is obvious.” – Letty F.

Committed to making you stronger on every level, our therapists skillfully evaluate and diagnose potential problems before they lead to more serious conditions or illnesses. We aim to improve residents’ lives by providing exceptional therapeutic care while promoting health, wellness, safety, and function through these services:


Our hospice team is here to offer expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support tailored to your needs and wishes. We believe everyone has the right to a dignified, pain-free passing with support for families and loved ones.

These CaringEdge services help ease the strain of traveling to receive medical treatments that could be provided in clients’ homes. The physical demands of travel can put seniors at risk of falling, especially during the harsh winter months when slippery conditions are ever-present. Direct care in the client’s home environment encourages better health, comfort, and independence.

“Having these additional on-site programs means that our residents can receive therapy services conveniently and more frequently, enabling quicker recovery from illness or injury,” said Russ Kubik, President of Edgewood Healthcare. “Additionally, the services we can provide through CaringEdge are covered by Medicare and other commercial insurance plans; it’s a win for our residents and other local customers,” continued Kubik.

Are you interested in CaringEdge services for yourself or a loved one? Email us at or call us at 1.877.651.5839.

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