Is Change Keeping You Awake at Night?

January 24, 2024

The new year is still fresh, and for many folks, it’s time to make changes for improvement. Sometimes, the changes you want to make can keep you awake, wondering how to make them happen and where to begin.

It’s so easy to say what we want to change, but putting the steps in place to make them is a different story. If you’re tossing and turning over the change you need to make, get your pen and paper handy. We’ve got a few ideas on how to make them happen!


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Make a List

Hit the Books

Learn all you can about the changes you’d like to make, whether from your area library or the internet. Consider signing up for blogs or newsletters that support your initiatives. Once you know more about it, you can create step-by-step plans to reach your goal.

Visualize the Change

As you’re doing your research, consider making a vision board. A vision board is intended to help you see the end result, which can be very motivating.

Find images online or cut them from your favorite magazines. Paste the pics onto a board or create a collage with your favorite device. Keep it somewhere handy where you can see it every day. For some, this will be a screensaver on their phone; for others, it might be on the bathroom mirror.

A vision board can help you attract the things you want. If you’re losing sight, it will also help remind you of what you hope to achieve.

Measure Your Progress

Keep a calendar or journal to track your progress. Plan to write the progress down each day. If your goal is saving money or dropping a few pounds and the numbers aren’t there, note what you did to support your goal. Track your setbacks and note how you might change that scenario the next time it comes up.

Celebrate Your Wins

Even small wins are essential on the way to meeting your goal. While you’re tracking your progress along the way, set aside time to celebrate. Note how you feel about the progress and how you can continue improving. Imagine crossing the finish line of your goal, and how great that will feel, too!

It’s common to get stuck or derailed while making changes. Life happens and can throw us right off the track. If you find yourself stuck or perhaps you took a break from working on your plan, remember you don’t have to quit. Try making adjustments if you need to.

Ask for Help

Major life changes take time to adjust. As you ponder your change and take steps to get there, remember that all new beginnings can be scary. Talking to those who have already made those changes is very useful. They can help calm your fears and keep your momentum going.

One of the burning questions we get at Edgewood is, how do people know they’re ready to move? Senior living is a new chapter, and many people are nervous about it. Talking to current residents about their experiences can help offer some insight. We often hear shortly after someone moves, “I wish I had moved sooner.”

If you are considering senior living but are still on the fence about your decision, take a tour or do a trial stay—yep, those are real! Short-term stays are like they sound: a trial stay before you move permanently. If you’re interested in exploring the exciting possibilities at Edgewood, check our website and find a community near you. You can always email to learn more!


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