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March 25, 2024


Across Edgewood and our partner companies, many strong and successful women have worked diligently to better the lives of residents and colleagues alike. From nurses and caregivers to leadership roles, the ladies at Edgewood play a significant part in helping residents and one another to be the best versions of themselves.

This Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating one of our selfless leaders who has helped inspire many! Jenni Hoffmann is Edgewood’s Executive Vice President of Resident and Employee Engagement.

Jenni’s Recipe for Success:

Jenni shared that curiosity has always served her well. “Learn from everyone around you, every project—big or small—ask questions, and learn from your mistakes. Work hard and play hard. Be bold. Be fearless. Be authentic, and most importantly, BE KIND.”

Jenni has done an exceptional job building her team and supporting her colleagues; “Helping people to find their strengths is a process that not only sets them up for success but has also helped Edgewood grow as a company. When talented professionals collaborate and share their knowledge, we can provide a positive senior living experience that helps our residents and offers peace of mind to their loved ones,” Jenni explained.


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When she started at Edgewood thirteen years ago, Jenni was a team of one. She was tasked with forming a marketing department to serve 30 communities. Today, the marketing team she established has experienced exponential growth, serving more than 60 senior living communities.

Mentorship Matters:

Having a mentor who inspires you and teaches you what they know is also helpful in pursuing your goals. For Jenni, that mentor was Russ Kubik, former President of Edgewood.

Russ has helped many professionals in the senior living industry become successful leaders and mentors by leading by example and showing genuine kindness. Jenni also learned from Russ the importance of being authentic. “Being our true selves at work—being human allows us to connect. Connections help foster teamwork and trust so staff can work together effectively.”

Jenni’s take on Work/Life Balance:

Being there for everyone who counts on you can be challenging but also very rewarding. Jenni’s advice for work-life balance is to prioritize tasks and work hard, but always remember that family comes first. “Our teams are strong. We deliver high-quality work, and we understand that we work hard and play hard and that our families will always matter the most.”

Advice for New Professionals:

“Give Edgewood a try!”

Jenni has had a wonderful experience since starting at Edgewood, and she highly recommends that others explore career options at Edgewood, too! There are many positions to start from; the only way to go is up, professionally and personally.

From jobs in activities, personal care, and housekeeping to healthcare and leadership, there are endless opportunities that offer rewards beyond a paycheck. Our staff and residents end up feeling like one big family! If you’re interested, click here to learn more.

About Jenni:

Originally from Crookston, MN, Jenni Hoffmann earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations and real estate at St. Cloud University. She completed her master’s degree in business administration at Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN, and started working with Edgewood Healthcare 13 years ago.

Jenni now resides in Grand Forks, ND, with her husband, Eric, two children, Alexa and Anders, and their silver lab puppy, Eddie. When she’s not at Edgewood, Jenni and her family enjoy hockey games, playing sports, and spending time outdoors at the lake.

About Edgewood Healthcare:

Edgewood Healthcare is the leading operator of senior living communities in the Great Plains and Upper Midwest. Since 1992, Edgewood has been committed to helping seniors stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible, with well-trained staff members in communities designed for residents to receive various living and care options.

Edgewood owns and/or operates more than 60 independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities with over 4,100 beds in seven states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Idaho) and employs nearly 3,300 people. Edgewood Healthcare’s corporate offices are at 402 Demers Avenue, Suite 200, Grand Forks, N.D.

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