Edgewood Senior Living’s My InnerView Survey

April 25, 2016

Edgewood Senior Living is always looking for ways to celebrate successes and find opportunities for improvement. This constant quest has led us into our 7th year of surveys through My InnerView. In the coming weeks, Edgewood staff, residents, and family members of memory care residents will have the chance to voice their opinions through our annual survey.

“Our surveys are a great opportunity to recognize what Edgewood communities are doing well and where there is room for improvement,” shared Hatti Olson, Executive Assistant.


What is My InnerView?

We use a company called My InnerView to provide yearly surveys to our communities. This third-party business allows privacy and data security for survey respondents.

“My InnerView provides privacy and security for our annual survey.”

When you fill out a survey, your responses go directly to My Innerview, which collects all the data and provides Edgewood communities with information to help them celebrate and improve.





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How Do My InnerView Surveys Work? 

Edgewood Senior Living employees and residents not in memory care receive paper copies of the 35-question surveys from the communities where they work or reside. For seniors living in memory care, the survey is mailed on their behalf to their family members or whoever is listed as having power of attorney. Some communities even host a pizza party or gathering so residents and family can complete their surveys and enjoy one another’s company. Once the residents and staff complete their surveys, they hand the documents, sealed in an envelope, to the appropriate person within their community. Those sealed envelopes will be sent directly to My InnerView’s collection center in Lincoln, NE. Privacy is a primary concern here. Edgewood Senior Living prioritizes that all survey participants can say precisely what they think without fear that their names will be revealed.

If you have taken My InnerView surveys from our communities in the past, you may notice some changes in this year’s format. Previously, questions were followed by simple answers that were satisfaction-based. You may have chosen excellent, good, fair, or poor as your reply. This year, however, My InnerView has changed the format to be more behavioral-based. You might answer, strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree, or note how often you relate to a question. This allows Edgewood Senior Living to garner more in-depth answers without sending a second, more specific survey to get a better understanding of the answers from the first round.

Thank-you, thank you, thank-yousResidents, staff, and family members will receive thank-yous with information from the survey results.


What Happens with the Survey Results?

Edgewood Senior Living receives the results broken down by community and as a whole. The answers to these easy-to-take surveys offer helpful insight into what areas the company is thriving in and what might need improvement. One year, a community’s residents noted they didn’t feel they had access to opportunities for personal growth. A second survey revealed that seniors didn’t have access to the Internet. The community addressed the issue by providing Internet services so residents could communicate with loved ones, catch up on the news, and enjoy their favorite shows. Most Edgewood communities also have a Facebook page, which occasionally features photographs of the residents, who get a kick out of seeing themselves on the company page.

Once the survey results are in, Edgewood residents, staff, and families will receive thank-you cards that share some of My InnerView’s findings. The letter includes community-related successes, like high praise for care and courteousness provided by staff and department programming, and notes on areas the company will improve on. Your opinions matter greatly to us; we want you to know that your answers matter.

Edgewood Senior Living communities have won several honors, including the “Assisted Living Workforce Satisfaction Award” and the “Assisted Living Customer Satisfaction Award” because of My InnerView surveys. The company proctors over 1 million surveys annually and celebrates senior living communities that reach the top 10 percent for both response rate and satisfaction.

“Edgewood communities are full of growth,” shared Olson. “We’ll try anything that makes sense and can add value to our staff, our residents’ and their loved ones’ experiences.”

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