Simple Steps for Reducing Caregiver Anxiety

July 24, 2017

As a caregiver, you have a lot on your plate. Even after finding your senior parent or loved one the perfect assisted living home, you may struggle with stress and concerns. If you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed by worries, you’re not alone—plenty of people deal with difficult emotions when supporting an elderly relative.

Start taking control of your caregiver’s anxiety with these simple yet effective steps:

Let go of What is Outside Your Control 

A sense of powerlessness is the source of many stressors that come with being a caregiver. The unpredictability of aging means that physical ailments, mental health conditions, and other problems can arise at any time, and there’s little you can do to prevent them. Instead of devoting energy to worrying about the factors beyond your control, let go by acknowledging that many things are unavoidable and channel your time and resources into things you can impact.

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Caring for a loved one can be filled with many emotional ups and downs.


Find a Support Group


When navigating through a difficult time, talking to others in similar situations can be immensely beneficial. Consider joining a caregiver support group to spend time with people experiencing the same emotions. You can vent in a safe space, forge bonds with new friends, and discover helpful tips for coping with caregiver stress. If you can’t find an in-person meet-up in your area, consider starting your own or joining a digital group online.

Carve out Time for Self-Care 

When your life revolves around caring for others, creating space to take care of yourself can be a significant challenge. Neglecting your own needs and desires, however, won’t make you a better caregiver – if anything, it’ll only exacerbate your exhaustion and anxiety. No matter what else is on your plate, pencil in some time for activities and tasks that contribute to your strength and wellness. Whether this means starting the day with a meditation practice, getting a manicure once per week, or allowing yourself a few hours to watch the big game, you must continue doing things that benefit your body and soul.

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