Halloween-Themed Activities to do with Your Senior Loved One

October 13, 2015

The beginning of October marks the start of fall, cooler weather, and, most importantly, the countdown to Halloween! There are tons of fun holiday-inspired activities to do this month that are appropriate for all family members, from grandkids to grandparents. If your senior loved one resides in an assisted living community, make a point to include them in the festivities.


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Watch a Scary Movie

Nothing sets the mood for Halloween quite like a scary movie. Heat some popcorn, bundle up in fuzzy blankets, and plop down on the sofa for a fright night of films, whether inviting your senior loved one to your home or hosting the screening in their assisted-living apartment. Of course, you don’t want to feature a horror movie that will leave little ones having nightmares. Instead, pick a family-friendly flick that puts you all in the spooky spirit. “Hocus Pocus” (1993) is an excellent option combining all the myths circulating the season – like witches and curses – with an added comedic flair. Other picks that will please the masses include:

Seniors watching film in theater.Watch a Halloween movie on the big screen.


Host a Costume Party

Invite all your children’s friends to your house and include grandma or grandpa in the fun with a costume party. While your senior loved one will enjoy seeing all the kids dressed up as little ghouls, goblins, and ghosts, make sure they are in the appropriate attire, too! Everyone needs a little encouragement, so prompt your parent to get in the groove of Halloween by suggesting a joint costume. That is a costume that requires two people. For example, the two of you could be ketchup and mustard, peanut butter and jelly, or Bonnie and Clyde.

Play Halloween Charades

The concept of charades is pretty simple. You try to send the other players a message without talking when it’s your turn. For example, if you wanted to signal the word “bird,” you may flap your arms like wings. Whoever guesses “bird” first wins that round.

Use the same idea with Halloween topics. You can choose from movies, monsters, activities, and songs. The kids will love acting like their favorite spooky characters, and your senior loved one will certainly enjoy watching the little ones give their best effort!

Check if your senior loved one’s retirement community hosts any Halloween festivities. You and your family may be able to join in the fun group activities.

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