5 Surprising Benefits of Green Tea

February 5, 2015

Whether you drink a cup of English breakfast to wake up in the morning or enjoy a mug of chamomile in the afternoon to relax, tea is a comforting part of many people’s daily routine. Tea may offer more health benefits than you’ve ever imagined.


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While this beverage may seem like nothing more than a quick pick-me-up of caffeine, tea offers a wide range of benefits to your overall health – here are five of the most interesting:

1. Green tea protects your teeth 

According to Live Science, black and green teas contain polyphenols, which prevent plaque build-up and slow the growth of bacteria. Polyphenols are found in a wide range of foods, but if you’re looking for drinks that contain them, tea or cranberry juice is the way to go. In general, green tea is the best source of these beneficial compounds.

2. Green tea betters muscle endurance 

According to a study by Japanese researchers, compounds in green tea (catechins, which are found in polyphenols) allow the body to burn fat more efficiently as fuel. This, in turn, betters muscle endurance so that whether you’re working out or just going for a walk, you can keep going for the long haul.

3. Green tea protects the brain 

Again, polyphenols are at the center of this reason to celebrate tea. Research suggests that this compound may play a role in preventing the onset of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and may encourage the longevity of one’s memory ability. Enjoy a mug of green tea while tackling a Sudoku or crossword puzzle to boost your brain power, as these brain training exercises are also beneficial to your memory.

“Green tea extracts reduced the number of sunburn cells and DNA damage caused by UV radiation.”

4. Green tea lowers the risk of diabetes 

According to long-term studies done by researchers at Harvard University, tea drinkers were less likely to develop diabetes over time than those who did not regularly drink tea. The source notes that tea may also reduce one’s risk of cardiovascular disease, which makes sense considering that the risk of heart attack and stroke is associated with diabetes.

5. Green tea protects your skin 

While we all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, green tea extract may also be able to defend against UV rays. Researchers from the Department of Dermatology at Case Western Reserve

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