4 Overlooked Perks of Aging

August 1, 2016

Too many people are afraid of growing old. Age has a negative connotation and is often no longer celebrated for its positive aspects. In reality, being a senior can have some fantastic perks!

Here are a few to look forward to as you age:

1. Senior Discounts

Instead of thinking, “Oh, no! I’m getting so old!” when people turn 55, they should exclaim, “Yes! Senior discounts!” You might be surprised how many establishments offer deals to people of a certain age. From rental car services to travel, big box stores, and restaurants, it never hurts to ask if a senior discount is available. The trick to make the most of this perk is to know the rules. Many places only offer these discounts on particular days, so learn the details beforehand. Also, check the age limit, as it may range from as early as 55 to 65 and older.


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2. You Set Your Schedule

Younger folks must follow set schedules to get their kids to school and arrive at work on time. They’re also expected to attend conference calls, meetings, parent-teacher events, and other activities. Retired seniors, on the other hand, often don’t have such strict daily agendas. Since they typically don’t have to wake up in the morning for their daily commute, they may sleep in. Some are night owls and can get away with going to bed at late hours. The only plus side to getting up earlier? Scoring a tasty cinnamon roll, bacon, and eggs for breakfast when living in a senior community!


self-awareness, seniors, senior living communitySeniors are self-aware; they know what they want and can spend time having fun.


3. Better Self-Awareness 

People consider the twenties a time to explore who you are and what you want. They are then expected to know these things and spend the rest of their lives pursuing them. In reality, it takes most people far longer to really figure out what and who they care about, what professional careers to pursue, and other aspects of their identities.

Seniors, however, benefit from having lived and learned. Instead of trying to figure themselves out, they can try new things, enjoy hobbies, make friends, and have fun! Those living in assisted or independent living communities are at a particular advantage, too, because they are surrounded by peers with similar mindsets. It can feel like going back to college dorm life all over again!

4. Less Stress

A 2010 survey conducted by Stony Brook University found that people over age 50 were happier, less angry, and experienced less stress. Since most seniors are retired, they no longer have to clock in for 40+ hours a week and can instead spend time in pleasurable pursuits. Seniors also socialize better because they can empathize and place themselves in others’ shoes, reducing the tendency to argue or get upset. This, combined with experiencing less stress, can make life a lot of fun for the older set!

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