Vacation Ideas for Seniors

January 11, 2018

Whether you’re looking to escape a cold winter, planning for the summer, or just feeling restless, now is the perfect time to plan your next trip. Maybe you’ve been waiting for years to hit retirement to finally take the journey you’ve been dreaming of or need some inspiration. Here are a few vacation ideas for traveling in your golden years:

Group Tours

Group tours are the perfect choice for solo travelers or those looking for a bit more structure to their trips. You can explore options worldwide—from wine tasting in Northern California to a trip through Tuscany—and there are more choices than ever for seniors to take part in. There are a few ways to approach group tours—you can assemble your own group to join a larger endeavor, taking the family along for an all-ages tour.

Or you can seek out tours designed for seniors and spend time with your peers while exploring the Australian Outback. Group tours are sometimes more expensive than planning your own itinerary, but they do offer conveniences you may not otherwise find – itineraries are set, activities planned, and lodging either provided or suggested for the group, making these trips worth it for many seniors who would rather be in the hands of a knowledgeable guide than go it alone.


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Cruises are a favorite for travelers of all ages, especially those who would rather sit back and relax without worrying about logistics. Cruises operate all over the world, from Europe to the Arctic. If you’d prefer to leave from the United States, Caribbean tours are popular—sign up for a three-day, five-day, or two-week cruise that will take you through sunny islands and crystal-clear waters. Choose between all-ages cruises for families, adults-only trips, or cruises specifically for those over 65.

You’ll stop off on different islands for day trips, where you can snorkel or take walks along the beach. Then, spend days on the ocean, participating in cruise activities, watching performances, or simply relaxing on the decks under an umbrella.

You can also take cruises around Europe, Alaska, South America, Hawaii, and other regions. Depending on where you live, build air travel into your itinerary and budget; you may have to fly to the departure point before you climb aboard.

National Parks

There’s no need to leave the country to enjoy a vacation. National Parks provide an excellent opportunity for seniors traveling alone or with groups. Go to the Shenandoah National Park for hiking, Yellowstone to check out the Old Faithful geyser, or Glacier National Park for spectacular views. There are dozens to choose from in the U.S., all with unique features offering various activities, from leisurely walks to horseback riding, camping, and guided tours. You can plan to drive to national parks or fly to nearby airports and can opt to stay in accommodations, including affordable motels, inns with beautiful views, or luxury hotels.

Family Trips

For many seniors and multi-generation families, vacations are the perfect opportunity to gather the clan and spend time together. Form memories with children, siblings, and grandchildren, and hit the road or meet somewhere to bring together family members scattered across the country. One benefit of family trips is that all the planning doesn’t necessarily have to fall on your shoulders – enlist other family members’ help in coordinating activities, flights, and other logistics.

Road Trips

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with your spouse or family member, embarking on a different adventure? Your golden years may be the time to carry out this goal. With more time, you can plan a road trip with a set schedule or free yourself to meander from state parks to cities, stopping to see family and friends along the way. If you’re driving in a sedan or other more traditional size car or van, you’ll want to plot out a few sleeping options along the way to your destination – roadside hotels or stopping for a couple of days at specific destinations you’re interested in seeing.

Or, if you have an RV, take extra time in each spot and plan your trip more loosely. You can travel for weeks, months, or even years comfortably by making a new home on the road. If you’re not interested in purchasing an RV, you can rent one for a while, taking family or friends along for the ride and stopping to sleep at campgrounds or other RV-friendly sites.

Your golden years are the time to enjoy life in different ways than years past. From relaxation to local trips or trotting the globe, the options are endless, so pack up your bags and head out on the adventure of a lifetime.

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