Don’t Let Age Define Your Creativity

March 8, 2023

Hobbies like arts and crafts can be a wonderful escape. Whether we’re admiring someone else’s handiwork or creating our own, everyone benefits. Although our hobbies may change based on our abilities, arts and crafts should be enjoyable for a lifetime. Art projects help us to stay happy and can keep us sharp as we age, too!

Art may help to lower stress, improve focus and communication, and raise serotonin levels. Harvard Health explains that serotonin is the chemical responsible for mood regulation and happiness. Increasing serotonin function may help to prevent memory loss.


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At Edgewood, our creative and kind staff offer arts and crafts to meet any ability or interest. Amber Hahn is the life enrichment director at Edgewood in Grand Forks. She explained that when residents want to participate in crafts, staff will help them enjoy the activity, regardless of their ability. “For our residents who have low vision or can’t move their fingers very well, we encourage them to pick out the colors or beads they want to use, show us where they want things placed/glued, etc. We will assist them with whatever they need to involve them in our activities, even if they can’t do it entirely on their own. We do that for every activity here; whether it’s baking or games, you name it, we do everything in our power to include everyone!”

To celebrate National Craft Month this March, here are some ideas to enjoy, whether in your own independent home or you live in assisted living. 

1. Painting

Be as creative as you’d like; paint faces, words, or just beautiful colors onto canvas, rocks, terra cotta pots, or anything you wish! If holding a thin paintbrush doesn’t work well, add a gripper or use a sponge. Sponge painting makes unique images and allows those with unsteady hands to join the fun.

If you choose to paint rocks, share them! As part of the Kindness Rocks Project, leave them in community gardens, landscaping, or along walking paths.

2. Button Art

Clean those unused unused buttons from your junk drawer and put them to work. Using a variety of sizes and colors, glue your buttons to a pre-cut pattern for beautiful results. Many printable patterns are available online that are large enough to cut out and easy to work with. You can also glue your leftover buttons to rocks, picture frames, or garden pots to create friendly faces or fancy flowers.

3. Sculpting

Working with clay, Play-Doh, Silly Putty, or cloud dough is just plain fun! With fast-drying or oven-bake clay, making small planters to house your succulents can be a breeze. Pinch pots are another fun idea. They can be gifts for the kitchen gurus in your life, or they can help organize the paperclips and other supplies in your office.

There are many clay creations to be made, from earrings to window hangings and ornaments. Try a stamp to add a floral inlay, or purchase a personalized stamp to sign your work.

4. Coloring

Coloring is for everybody! There are a variety of adult coloring book options on the market. They come in larger prints and can accommodate thick-tipped markers.

Coloring with chalk is another excellent option. No longer just a dainty white stick, chalk comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, making it exciting and user-friendly.

If you like to stencil, trace your favorites onto a page and leave them blank. These can be saved for a coloring session later or an artistic activity for your grandkids to appreciate when they visit.

5. Beading

Beading might sound like a difficult craft, but with larger beads on the market, it can be a lot more accessible than you think! Beads can add a mixed-media look to your sculpture, or they can be strung to make a variety of ornaments, window hangings, or even cute necklaces.

If you’re struggling or unable to complete the hobbies you used to enjoy because of pain or arthritis, don’t give up. Consider outpatient physical and occupational therapy. Therapists can work with you to move in a way that reduces your pain. They also focus on helping you regain your independence, including getting you back to the activities you love.

If you’re looking for senior living solutions with endless social opportunities, we’ve got you covered! With fun activities and outings, delicious meals, and on-site healthcare, Edgewood has what you need to succeed. Reach out to us at today.

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